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Spyce Interiors, the trendiest and the finest Modular Home Interiors in Bangalore, our design concepts can be seamlessly customised to suit your requirements. Our confidence comes with an experience of over a decade, in delivering the finest world class Modular Kitchen, Wardrobes & complete Home interiors in & around Bangalore, well within your budget!

We believe in creating well organised and functional spaces, specifically personalised for your needs. At Spyce Interiors, you will find our designs truly reflect your life & style. Spyce Interiors offer an array of innovative Premium customized Design Solutions that is aesthetic and functional. .



Our scientific designing methodology ensures your Kitchen & the entire interiors are full of positive energy.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”, Quality @ Spyce Interiors is a habit & a way of life . . .

Materials & Features

Widest range of Materials under one roof... Cabinets made from PLPB, MDF, Plywood, PVC, WPC & Stainless Steel.

Finishes in, Pre-Lamination, Post Lamination, PVC Laminated, Acrylic, P.U finish, Lacquered UV, Laminated UV, Glass Lamination, Ceramic Lamination & Natural Wood (Teak, Ash-wood, Sycamore, Beech etc . . . )

Largest varieties and colours under one roof, choose from over 500 colours & textures available.


Scientifically designed workspace can help to reduce physical stress on a body and eliminate many serious musculo-skeletal problems.

The essence of Vastu is directly related with the unhindered movement and the comfort created in the workspace. Inconvenience creates a negative energy & convenience gives a positive energy.

Our scientific designing methodology ensures your Kitchen is full of positive energy.


Our Designs are inspired by human lives and their dreams, it make you believe that "Kitchen is the heart of every home".

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”, Quality @ Spyce is a habit & a way of life . . .


The following tips will help you while setting up a modular Kitchen.

Consult one of our design experts and get a plan finalized before you do plastering, electrical works and plumbing. Planning in advance increases the utility and convenience of your Kitchen by 20 to 40 per cent.

Do not fix granite because the pillars to support it will reduce the Kitchen’s storage space by 30-35 %. Remember, the standard modules of a modular Kitchen cannot be fitted below the granite.

Arrange the windows in a way that allows natural light to enter into the Kitchen seamlessly; and also provide sufficient wall space for Overhead storage.

Discuss with our design coordinators about the materials to use in the Kitchen like modules, sinks, hobs, chimneys, storage organizers, accessories, appliances, and colour combination.

Flooring tips
Strong flooring makes maintenance easy.
Non-slippery flooring materials helps to avoid accidents.
Floor should be easy to clean and wash.

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