Why Modular Kitchen?

a. A Modular kitchen gives you a perfectly planned organised & hygienic storage.
b. Modular kitchens help you make the most of the available space, and give you plenty of storage with a minimal footprint. Designed as per standards, each unit is made to fit together, to create a whole functional kitchen.
c. Cleaning of modular kitchen is very easy and it takes very less time as all the wood panels comes with a lamination & drawers comes out easily and can be accessed easily.
e. As these units are pre-built, modular kitchens tend to be more cost effective than custom built kitchens. As our kitchens use standardized modules, cabinets can be changed, upgraded, or replaced without having to redo the whole kitchen.

Do you charge for site visits & designing?

No, we do not charge for visiting the site or doing a design. We just need the floor plan of your house to design, and then we discuss with you, customize the design, select the material & finish. Based on your selections we will give you a cost of the kitchen, if it is fine you can confirm the order with a token advance.

Will you install the kitchen around an existing slab or countertop?

We recommend you to ask your builder not to install a countertop (since it’s easier to work with a complete empty space), and the final result will be as per your aspiration. We can also work around pre-installed countertops to design a kitchen that’s just right for you. Our semi-modular kitchens are designed to suit kitchens with pre-installed countertops.

Will you renovate my existing kitchen?

As we are not a civil construction agency / contractors, we do not undertake it our self. But, we do have reliable contractors for the same and will take care of the smooth completion of the project.

What is the time required to install a modular kitchen?

From the time of technical, commercial confirmation & approval of the designs, colours etc... We will complete the project in 30 – 60 days depending on the material selected. For example if you need a Glass/Ceramic lamination or a natural wood like Teak, we will need more time for processing.

What is the key difference between your kitchen and regular kitchens?

A Spyce Modular kitchen offers great durability and is spacious in terms of storage. It is very easy to carry out repairs if and when required. As the name suggests a modular kitchen is called this because all the modules of the kitchen are put together and a design is formed and hence can be dis-assembled. The area available is thus optimized for maximum storages. In some of the critical areas, we use materials that are fire and water proof thus making it the best tropicalised kitchens in town.

How to Maintain a Modular Kitchen?

Modular kitchens are very easy to maintain, based to the design and material used, necessary care needs to be taken and a few common practices will ensure the long life and beauty of you modular kitchen.

• Clean the shutter with a soft dry cloth & a wet cloth while cleaning worktop & tiles.
• After cooking a meal, a quick clean-up of the counter and stove top can prevent stains and accumulation of grease that might prove difficult to wipe off later
• Regularly check the drawer and shutter movement. In case of an unusual noise or obstruction in the movement, please call us immediately.
• Always keep the Kitchen cabinets, Counter & sink area dry and clean. In case of any oil residues, use a soft cloth with mild detergent and lukewarm water.
• Do not scrub any of the surfaces with a sharp object as it can damage their finish.
• Do not lean over or hang onto the open shutters & drawers.
• Do not overload the cabinets or store over-sized objects.